Frequently Asked Questions iSpirit

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions iSpirit

iSpirit Media – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does iSpirit exist?

A. In the past few years, much of what we knew as traditional media and publishing have changed dramatically. Although the internet and self-publishing provide opportunities for everyone to share information, a glut has been created, much of which isn’t vetted or heard above the din.

iSpirit was born to fulfill this need. We provide real opportunities to share the incredible, heart-expanding, soul soaring stories of your experiences with Spirit. As a member of iCommunity and/or as an author in our book anthologies iSpirit Stories you can join with like-minded souls and let the world know our truth as spiritual beings. We hope you will join us!


Q. How is iSpirit different than other membership sites and anthology series?

A. We are the new face of the Conscious Publishing industry. As the work of our souls and in full integrity we will work hard to earn your trust and become the new north to spiritual readers, writers, and authors.

As the union of two successful media and publishing companies, we also have the proficiency, the know-how, and expertise to simplify the wearying and never-ending work of editing, publishing, distributing, promoting, and marketing your writings. iSpirit knows how difficult it is to do this on your own, and we want you to focus on doing what you do best! To be a powerful creator.


Q. What are the expectations for your Authors?

A. Our expectation is that our authors will be as excited about the publishing of their stories as we are. We expect our authors to act in integrity and to follow our submission and payment deadlines in a timely manner. Once the book(s) are published, the expectation is that the authors will work with us to actively share and promote the book series on social media and through email if they have an email list.


Q. What are you looking for in your authors?

A. We believe in undiscovered talents. We want to help people tell their stories, writers to become authors, and then to become tomorrow’s best sellers. We believe that’s what they are. Our stories of Spirit are the best stories that have yet to hit the mainstream. Our stories encourage, inform, inspire, and all of them are written with Spirit’s blessings.


Q. What type of stories is iSpirit interested in?

A. We are interested in your true, individual experiences with Spirit.

Spirit is the voice that calls to you at night from the deepest part of your soul. It is the song of our ancestors, the songs of nature, of animals, of human dreams, telling their tales and unveiling their deeper knowing.

It is the seasons of life, the rites of passage, the unending weaving of webs, the gentle waves on the infinite oceans of creation from where all our experiences are harvested to create our stories.

Submit your story and pass down the sacred knowledge of this world through the wisdom of storytelling.

Possible topics include:
• Spiritual messages from Nature
• Communication with the animals through totems, symbolism, telepathy
• Physical or emotional healing through Spiritual means
• Encounter or communication with the Angels
• Visitations from Ascended Masters or others from beyond the veil
• Other psychic phenomena


Q. What is the deadline and process for evaluating the submitted stories?

A. iSpirit Media will make an announcement when author opportunities arise and submissions are being accepted.

We encourage all writers, authors, and storytellers to submit their stories. The world needs to know spiritual experiences are real and our birthright!

Once iSpirit Media receives your story, we will review and contact you within 1 month if we will be accepting your story for publication. If yes, you will receive the next steps in the publishing process. If your story is not selected, your digital file will be deleted.


Q. What are the differences between writing styles as a blogger and a writer?

A. When you are writing a text to any magazine, you write articles. When you write in the first person on your website, you are writing blogs. Usually, when you are writing in the first person, you are doing it to share your own thoughts and perspectives. But the reality is, the audience doesn’t necessarily relate to personal writing, only if they tacitly are feeling included in your analysis. Usually, a more impersonal voice would do the trick. That is why professional writers prefer to use the 3rd person. It gives an impartial feeling to the writing. It allows who is reading to be relating to the narrative more easily.


Q. I am not really interested in an Anthology format. Can I publish an independent book with the services that iSpirit provides?

A. You are reading our minds! Our longer-term plans include launching iAuthor, a platform with expanded publishing opportunities for authors. In the meantime, we encourage you to become a member of iCommunity and engage with likeminded souls, develop your skill as a writer, and learn the ins and outs of the publishing industry. Also, as a member of iCommunity you will be the first to hear when iAuthor and other exciting news is announced!


Is your question not covered in our Frequently Asked Questions?  Send it to us via our Contact Page.