Vision iSpirit Media

Our Vision

Vision iSpirit Media

The Vision Behind iSpirit Media

iSpirit Media is dedicated to restoring the mystical knowledge of this world through the wisdom of storytelling.

We believe that every day, great stories are written in the ethers by the individuals whose lives create them. They are our experiences with Spirit.

The voice that calls to you at night from the deepest part of your soul. The song of our ancestors, the songs of nature, of animals, of human’s dreams, telling their tales, and unveiling their own reasonings.

These are stories that are meant to be shared and meant to inspire others. iSpirit Media is passionate about helping others tell their stories, develop writers into authors, and midwife these stories into books.

The seasons of life, the rites of passage, the unending weaving of webs, the gentle waves on the infinite oceans of creation from where all the experiences and emotions are harvested to compose these songs

iSpirit intends to restore this mystical soul gift and blessing of passing down the sacred knowledge of this world through the wisdom of storytelling, from beyond time and space, crossing bridges and multiverses on one unending pursuit to weave the light to finally eternalize themselves in our ageless hearts.